The only Bitcoin wallet with a global cash network.

From the company that invented the Bitcoin ATM: introducing the Robocoin Wallet. Acquiring, storing, sending, and converting bitcoin has never been easier.

Bitcoin has never been so real.

Truly instant access to cash and Bitcoin online at Robocoin.com or in-person at any Robocoin branch in the world.

Send money worldwide...

It’s free, instant, and as easy as typing recipients’ phone # or Bitcoin address. Recipients can store Bitcoin in their Robocoin wallet or withdraw as local currency from any Robocoin branch.

The Fort Knox of Bitcoin

Your Bitcoin is secured by next generation security practices. You are your money: palm-vein biometrics keep money in the palm of your hand, while protecting your account against theft and identity fraud.

  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Investing
  • Transfers
  • Shopping
  • Operations

What you can do with Robocoin

  • Make Traveling Easy

    Kelly uses Robocoin to travel and never has to worry about flying with cash, expensive currency exchanges, losing her wallet, or exceeding daily ATM limits. Robocoin is awesome for traveling – global cash access to local currencies with just your phone #, pin #, and palm.

  • Store Your Wealth

    Luis couldn’t open a bank account in his inflation-rampant country. He used Robocoin to deposit the cash he was stashing under his mattress. Robocoin is awesome for storing wealth.

  • Invest Instantly

    Sam uses Robocoin to exchange dollars for Bitcoins - he’s daytrading and building his Bitcoin stash. The ability to buy and sell instantly with Robocoin gives Sam an edge, and instant gratification.

  • Send Money Anywhere

    Chun uses Robocoin to send money from Vancouver to her family in Hong Kong. In two minutes Chun can convert Canadian dollars and send Bitcoins to her daughter's phone # where the money is securely stored in her Robocoin Wallet or easily withdrawn as Hong Kong dollars. Robocoin is the easiest way to send money worldwide.

  • Shop Everywhere

    Justin uses his Robocoin Wallet to make purchases on Expedia.com, Overstock.com, and every real-world shop that accepts Bitcoin.

  • Own Your Own

    Mitch owns and operates a fleet of Robocoins. Each one earns him $30,000-$75,000 annual profit. Moreover, he brought Bitcoin to his community. He’s a hero. He’s famous.

Join the thousands who are already enjoying the best experience in Bitcoin.

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Robocoin Branch Locations

Currently only select branches feature our Robocoin Wallet software. Those branches are located in Los Angeles, Mountain View, and Las Vegas.